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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
How do you guys still lose?

If Bosh was half as good as y'all thought you'd think they would be able to make the playoffs in the East. Plus Mike James had a killer year, Mo Pete is serviceable, everyone is on Villy's jock, you'd think you could at least sneak in at #8.

Everything you stated only has to do with one side of the game, and that side is offense, where the Toronto Raptors were one of the highest scoring teams in the league. However, it doesn't show how bad of a defensive and rebounding team we are. The scoring, where Bosh - James - Villaneuva - Peterson, all excel is not the problem at all, and every Raptor fan would tell you that. We struggle and lose games because of our defense. We lost numerous games down the stretch last year because we couldn't defend, and because of poor execution late in games by Mike James.

If we ever get a half decent defensive squad together, the Raptors record will improve vastly, a little experience wouldn't hurt either, the team is still extremely young and is learning every day. The effort and desire is there, the wins will come, something I as a fan have faith in.
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