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Toronto had NO CENTER. When hoffa played (often in the first few months) he actually detracted from the team. Going 0 for 5 or 0 for anything every time, getting 1 rebound, picking up 3 fouls in 2 minutes and not playing a lick of defense.

As for mike james, sure he scored alot, but so does marbury. Does marbury help teams win? Very little of the scoring came in the flow of the game, and mike was the wall that stopped bosh from getting into a flow. Charlie was good, but his defense was lacking. Bosh missed 11 games, during which the raptors lost 10.

If you erase november, where they were 1-15, they were 26-40. Erase the last 11 games, and they were 25-30, or .450. Still, those are not good, and you can't erase anything because what happened HAPPENED.

Edit: Pistol Pete explained the defensive problem well.

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