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Default Re: Lebron James vs Kobe Bryant, in the season, in MVP talk, more

Originally Posted by LakerDynasty00
It is relative to the NBA. People only watch it because its so much fun to bet on! The talent level is shockingly disappointing, the game is too short, style of play sucks, and 1-and-done makes no sense on a "best team should win" basis.

Not to mention most of the NCAA popularity comes from small market cities that don't have major pro-sports (or former/current alumni). Add that to the gambling and elimination style you get "March Madness." Wow. Put any freaking major sport in that format you'll get some fans (hey that's how the NFL does it).

Maybe if the NBA went to the one-and-done style of the NCAA, teams wouldn't take games off. I'd love to see a healthy Cavs team in a single elimination tournament, because I don't think anyone can stop LeBron, when he says all we need is this one game!
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