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Default Karl's Response To Melo's Comments

This is about the 4th quarter of game 3:

Heres AI's comments:
"To not go back in, I don't understand that,'' Iverson said. "And (Karl) didn't even say nothing to me even afterward . . . I played every game with a broken finger and all. I always came to play, every game we had. So why not tell me nothing?''

Melo's Comments:
On the bench in the fourth quarter Anthony repeatedly screamed at Karl: "Don't just sit there!" Later Anthony spewed like Regan in "The Exorcist": "We're not just losing. We're getting the (expletive) beat out of us. It's about us giving up as a whole. We quit . . . everybody from the players to the coaches. There's no way I can lay down on my team the way we laid down (Saturday afternoon). . . . I'm surprised at how we laid down like that. In my five years (with the Nuggets), that's the first time I've ever felt like this."

And finally here, we have Karls:
'Melo also told the Mountain News the entire team quit, from the coaches to the players. Coach Karl disagreed ... well, at least in defense of himself.

"Well, I don't think I quit. I quit on not passing the ball,'' said Karl, when asked about Anthony's post-game comments. "In the fourth quarter. I tried to find some answers. I tried to find, 'Is Chucky (Atkins) going to help us?' . . . I think Melo's emotional right now. He's frustrated right now, as we all are. And keeping our composure and a maturity to it is probably the best way to go.''
You're down by double digits going into the 4th, and yet you're wondering wether or not, Chucky Atkins, of all people would be the answer to the solution?
Also, I love how he defends only himself by declaring that he didin't quit on the team...PRICELESS!
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