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Default Re: Round 1, Lakers @ Nuggets, Game 4, Monday 10:30pm ET

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Here you go. Right now the Lakers are clicking on all cylinders. I wish the Nuggets had played even a little defense. The Lakers are good, but the Nuggets made them look invincible. I was disappointed in the Nuggets. Thought they were better.

On to the Jazz. Eventhought the Lakers would be favored against the Jazz, I still think the Jazz can win at least 2. If the Jazz play great they could beat the Lakers in a 7 game series......but they have to play great.

On to the Spurs....supposing they beat the Hornets. I feel that the Spurs have played the best basketball of these playoffs. They took the Suns' barrage and came through looking like a well oiled playoff winning machine. This is the team I see beating the Lakers. Superstar, experience, chemistry, coaching, wily veterans, and championship pedigree......all of those things will stop the Lakers. The Spurs just have what it takes to win in pressure playoff situations.

Thank you, now you don't sound like an idiot as in the other predictions. Don't talk right out of your ass and you'll get much more respect here.
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