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Default Re: Round 1, Lakers @ Nuggets, Game 4, Monday 10:30pm ET

@ People downplaying what the lakers did to Denver, they would of at least won a game or two had they played any other team in the west in the playoffs.Lakers just had Denver's number, they did in the regular season and they did in the playoffs. I remember before the series started people saying that "Denver wouldn't be a cakewalk" and "iverson has too much heart to let his team get dominated", now after the lakers destroyed them it's " denver is the worst team in the playoffs" talk.

People saying that it wouldn't be a cake walk if the Lakers played the Jazz. I think Utah would get a game at home against the lakers (they damn sure ain't beating LA @ staples)but thats about it. I'll be surprised if this series went past 5-6 games. Other than the Spurs, the Lakers are possibly the worst match up for Utah. They cant guard Kobe, Gasol or Odom and the Lakers actually have the versatility to defend them. the lakers aren't Golden state, so they're not gonna be slaughtering the Lakers on the Boards and in the paint.

Lakers scored at will against the jazz the same as they do against Denver, and this was before Gasol. The Jazz cant defend the lakers well enough to beat them in a seven game series, in my opinion.
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