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geandily, do you just think that the coaching is way more important as a first step- or do you believe the current roster is fine with a new coach?

on antawn jamison- i agree that he is a very good player and he is solid from the outside- but i would see that as a move despite melo again instead of to complement him- my thougts are that both jamison and melo would need to be in the same spots on the floor to be succesful- not the perfect match imo- and he may be too dificult to aquire- how do the nugs aquire him?

and no jamison cant do everything nene can- nene gives us our only lowpost offense and can play both c&pf- jamison is a pf in the east but i reality he is a more of a pf-sf tweener-

i still believe that the most important peice needed to add to the nugs is a point gaurd- if we could only bring in one elite player it should be a pg

p.s. mark jackson may now be my #2 candidate for hc now that d'antoni may be available

does anyone else see kirk hinrich as the perfect fit at pg? or is there another gaurd you see as a better fit all around?

once again i dont see bringing andre back as the perfect solution- his major flaws here were that he can not shoot from the outside, wich allows teams to double the post with no hesitation- also on offense andre is a post up pg- which you dont have room for with melo or nene down there-

does anyone make sense of my point about the franchise keeping melo as the "rookie" for way too long by surrounding him with vets with something to prove-
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