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Exclamation Hi Need Help On Nba 2k8 For 360

ok so ive just started a fantasy league with the hawks my current 5 looks like this oh by the way im in my second season.

PG: Tj Ford (average 14 points a game)
SG: Lebron James (1st pick 1st round averaging 21 points a game.
SF: Morris Peterson (average 13 points a game)
PF: Antwan Jamison (average 5 points a game)
C: Nenad Krstic (3 points a game)


chris webber
dikembe mutombo
grant hill
Felix hearra (2nd round draft pick)
maurice ager
thabo sefolosha

i understand i will need to bring some more free players becuase of the mininum rule of 12 players but what do you think i need to change, bring players in, take players out. etc what do you guys think. its getting me really p****d off with my record being 5-16
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