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The shot stick is a cool feature but like a prevous poster said, I still use the button for jump shots. It is useful for chosing different postmoves, layups and dunks. Probably the most usful feature is the left and right layups that allow you to lean away from the defender and put it off the glass.

Fanboys are hard nuts to crack but for real, 2k is much better if your looking for a more realistic basketball experience. When I play it has the feel of a real game, Live doesnt give me that feeling at all.

I switched over to the 2K series about 3 years ago. I've tried the Live games each year but they just dont measure up in gameplay, graphics, physics etc. The only thing Live has on the 2K series is the create a player options. In 2K6 and previous installments there were only 6 different faces you can apply to a player and you can only store a maximum of 10 players! Give me a break! The Raptor squad alone took up more than half the slots. This is however a small negative to an otherwise excellent game. I just hope they correct this in 2K7.

Give 2K an honest try, at least a week. You'll be glad you did.
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