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Default Re: Karl's Response To Melo's Comments

Originally Posted by final.wrath
Its clear this team can't get it done as constructed.

If the Nuggets added a healthy Vince Carter or Michael Redd do you think it would be worth giving up Kleiza or Nene? Denver is really good at getting to the basket but I think their lack of 3-pt shooting really hurts.

Yeah I know defense is the main problem but what can they do about that? Try and trade for Shawn Marion?

no neither vince or redd would be worth getting rid of nene- or klieza

you are right that the team as currently constructed is not the answer- vince or redd for iverson maybe- but i dont see those players being too high on the priority list- we have the wing players needed in jr, klieza, and melo- what we need is a point gaurd to help them do their thing -not another chucker to share shots with

imo it should take dirk for the nugs to consider breaking up the franchise core of melo, jr, nene,& klieza- this group needs to be built around instead of continuing to add players despite what we have
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