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Default Re: Hi Need Help On Nba 2k8 For 360

Originally Posted by hotsauce2007
ok so ive just started a fantasy league with the hawks my current 5 looks like this oh by the way im in my second season.

PG: Tj Ford (average 14 points a game)
SG: Lebron James (1st pick 1st round averaging 21 points a game.
SF: Morris Peterson (average 13 points a game)
PF: Antwan Jamison (average 5 points a game)
C: Nenad Krstic (3 points a game)


chris webber
dikembe mutombo
grant hill
Felix hearra (2nd round draft pick)
maurice ager
thabo sefolosha

i understand i will need to bring some more free players becuase of the mininum rule of 12 players but what do you think i need to change, bring players in, take players out. etc what do you guys think. its getting me really p****d off with my record being 5-16
Alright lets start with your bench, trade C-Webb he's old and stamina is old put him on the block you could probably get Al Harrington. Grant Hill is good but like Webber has value put him on the block and see what you can get. Trade Morris for J.R Smith, in 2k8 Smith is a beast.
Not that you care but my team is:
Al Jefferson
Mo Ager
Cory Brewer
we were 70-12
I dont use force tade just had the 3 pick!!!
BTW i am pretty good @ 2k8 if anyone has questions in the future feel free to pm me
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