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Default Re: Should Pavlovic get back in the lineup?

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Reports out of Cleveland say that Sasha Pavlovic is ready to go, but the question of whether or not he will get back into the rotation is up in the air.

So, what is the consensus?

Should Sasha get back into the rotation, assuming he is healthy? He hasn't played much this season with his hold-out and injury problems, but I still feel like he has something to contribute. He is probably our best defensive two and he can be an explosive scorer.

Then again, it seems as though Wally, Boobie, and Brown have a good thing going.

we already got an ok rotation so dont mess it up by adding him. he cant shoot and all he can really do is defend but wally has been doing a pretty good job as of late so i'd keep him in the starting 2 spot
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