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Default Re: Who would you rather see: Boston or Atlanta?

As far as difficulty goes, I still am sure Boston would be the harder team to beat. They're just slumping with this series against ATL, plain and simple. I think we would tear Atlanta up. Joe Johnson just reminds me of a Michael Redd. He'll get his shots, but we'll definitely play better D on him then whatever the helll Boston is trying.

However, I think we match up pretty well with both teams in our favor. Detroit still is the team to beat for us. I mean yeah, we have to get past Boston. That's who it's gonna be, and then Detroit.

It's gonna be a very exciting series nonetheless.

and man... How about Wally stroking it last night??

We're starting to be a team that can actually hit some threes, and not go like 5-22 every game during the Larry Hughes days.

I'm pumped baby.
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