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ya us brooklyn ni99as love to spit KNOWLEDGE
the kind you cant learn in high school or COLLEGE
your a whiteboy and a internet GANGSTA
for that im a THANK-YA
cuz your reputation as a rapper is OVER
who you tryin to be J HOVA?
let me tell you sumthin
your metaphors and punchlines are WACK AS FU<K(thats why u explain them)
i can tell that your STUCK
tryin to think of wut your gonna type NEXT
cuz im only so good when it comes to this TEXT
im a freestylin legend in my HOOD
never got a record deal but its all GOOD
you sound like another garbage rapper on MTV
talkin about your JEWELRY
why dont you be more original and spit sumthin NEW-TO-ME
come to my hood you get robbed by pickpockets
but me?i dont rob you on the LOW
i rob you when you KNOW
ima just end your CAREER right HERE
lyricly your no where NEAR
i havent battled anyone in my hood in over a YEAR
cuz when they hear my freestyle i strike em with FEAR
im like mike tyson except i wont "BITE YOU" ima just spit in your EAR(get it?)
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