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Anyone who's been paying attention has known for at least a month that Illinois was out of the picture. I was hanging on to that last shred of hope that we weren't, but not by much. Anyway, it is absolutely zero coincidence that all five of the schools he's considering are adidas schools. The Illinois staff did all they could, but changing our shoe company from Nike to adidas isn't something they can do.

If anyone thinks that's "sour grapes" or anything of the sort, you're being very, very naive about college basketball recruiting. I'm not upset about this, in part because I think the roster we'll have in 2008 is capable of winning a national title with or without Rose. Unfortunately, I think the Illinois staff is somewhat naive about it too, which significantly reduces our chances of ever getting guys like Rose or Collins. However, whenever handlers like Reggie Rose or Anthony Longstreet are involved, there's a price to pay for their services, one way or another. Part of me wishes our staff would accept the realities of college basketball and play that game. Part of me can't blame them for not going down that road.

The only thing that worries me about that list is Indiana being on it- let the Rose and Gordon to Indiana rumors begin- but again, no surprise. It's one of adidas's highest-profile programs. All things considered, I'll still be surprised if it's anyone besides Memphis.

On another note regarding Indiana, this shirt is pretty funny (yes, I bought one):

The back reads: "IU basketball: Please call us....we can't call you."
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