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Smile The Clips will be in WCF and maybe more

The reason is SAMMY pure and simple. The man is a winner and knows how to motivate his teammates. The team will be in contention for the ring especially if Amare doesn't win the MIP (comeback player) and has an injury plagued season. Outside of Sammy, Chris Kaveman's and Shaun Livingstick's continued improvement and the adjustment of Corey Maximus being a 6th man at times will determine how far the Clips advance in the playoffs. This is a team on the rise and hitting its prime. Plus Q Ross and James Singleton are ready to step up and make big contributions this year. The signing of Timmy T improved the Clip bench and weakened the Suns, too. Clip fans again should be happy to see the rest of the fans and league underestimating this team like it did last year. :stupid:
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