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Default 23 Cent Pizza for OH natives (basketball related, oddly enough)

So it all started with this story here:

Basically, to paraphrase, some genius who was involved with Papa Johns pizza in Washington D.C. had these "Crybaby 23" t-shirts made up, sponsored by Papa Johns.

The shirts were worn during Game 6 of the Cavs/Wizards game in Washington. Cavs fans caught wind of it, and a flurry of phone calls and negative publicity has assailed the Papa Johns restaurants here in OH.

Papa Johns corporate office claims they did not authorize the shirts and have no idea yet where they originated.

Here's the best part for those of us who live in Cleveland:

This Thursday, Papa Johns will be offering large, one topping pizzas for 23 cents to more than 40 different OH locations.

Here's a short list of stores in the Cleveland area:

No, I don't work for Papa Johns, I just happen to live in Cleveland, and saw this in the Plain Dealer yesterday, and the apology and the 23 cent pizza article were on the front page of today's paper. Enjoy.

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