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Default Re: Free Agency, trades, and the draft

Originally Posted by Mile High Crew
There is no doubt that the nuggets are going to let go some big name players this offseason. Camby has a high chance of leaving because of his contract, A.I. may opt out and may or may not resign because i don't think Mr. Kroenke will want to resign an aging player that hasn't really helped this team get out of the first round of the playoffs. Najera may leave depending on his willingness to get paid less. Diawara is probably on watch by many teams because of his great defensive abilities (even though i hope he stays because he has potential). Carmelo is likely to stay, but he needs to become more of a leader, by putting the team before himelf. The draft is key for the nuggets in order to get where they want to go for the future, I like Roy Hibbert if we lose Camby. The single most important thing on the nuggets list is to resign J.R. Smith. This is going to be one exciting offseason for the Nuggets, all true Nuggets fan should be really excited about it.

AI is NOT NOT NOT going anywhere. point A : Many teams do not have the cap space to sign him...Makes 20 million next season.... Point B; Do You think he is gonna sign for the veteran minimum to attept to win a ring with another team( a little over a million)

And he is opting out on his last year to get a 3 yr deal for less money with the Nuggets.

BTW whan impact players are gonna be available at the 20th pick?
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