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Default Re: Who do we want in RETURN???

Originally Posted by BlazersDozen
Here is what I posted in the dream offseason thread...

Trade Travis Outlaw & #13 For Jose Calderon & their first round pick

If Toronto Trade Doesn't Work
Sign Chris Duhon to a two year deal for about $3-5 million a year with a player option for a third season.

Trade Raef LaFrentz + ALL NBA draft picks in the 2008 NBA Draft for an All-Star caliber small forward like Ron Artest, Josh Howard or Corey Maggette.

Trade Channing Frye, Jarrett Jack & Martell Webster to New Jersey for Devin Harris & Josh Boone.

Trade James Jones for Rasual Butler

Bring over Joel Freeland and Rudy Fernandez

Devin Harris/Steve Blake/Chris Duhon
Brandon Roy/Rudy Fernandez
Corey Maggette/Travis Outlaw/Rasual Butler
LaMarcus Aldridge/Josh Boone/Joel Freeland/Josh McRoberts
Greg Oden/Joel Przybilla


I don't think the Nets will trade Devin Harris - I personnally have no desire for Boone - he shoots in th 40% range from the line......

I like your idea of signing Chris Duhon - I think he's very underrated. I like James Jones. I have found little to nothing of note regarding Joel Freeland - does anyone know if he's even playing with a team overseas???
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