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Default Re: Who do we want in RETURN???

Chris Duhon - Unnecessary, I don't think he upgrades us, but he's a decent backup PG
Luol Deng - For the right price
Ben Gordon - No, needs the ball too much to be effective
Ron Artest - No, no, no, no, etc.
Josh Howard - Hmmm... the confession of toking up bothers me but if he can stay defensive minded he would be perfect.
Grant Hill - Only if we had him for the vets minimum to use him as a teacher
Richard Jefferson - No, we don't need a scorer, we need a defender, plus he is in trouble for choking a man, which is worse than Howard smoking pot.
Josh Smith - He would be great, but I don't see it happening
James Posey - No, too old yet I don't see him being as good of a teacher as Hill could be
Daniel Gibson - No. I like Boobie, but Steve Blake is a better fit for the what we need. Plus, I'm not seeing him leaving the Cavs without a tremendous check louring him.
Theo Ratliff - Only if he is cheap and willing to take Raef LaFrentz' role on the team.
Matt Barnes - Can he defend? If so, yes. If not, maybe.
Corey Maggette - Same as Matt Barnes
Trevor Ariza - I don't think he'd upgrade us, so no.
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