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Default Re: 23 Cent Pizza for OH natives (basketball related, oddly enough)

Originally Posted by B-Low
I really felt bad for the papa johns employees after seeing how today went. I mean the teens and other employees at these NE ohio ones didn't make the shirts, yet they had to work their asses off all day giving pizza away for 23 cents to what had to be over 50,000 people easily. Just seems like the local employees shouldnt have had to struggle like that to make up for the mistake that someone at HQ made.

The mistake wasn't made by headquarters, the mistake was made by whoever made the shirts in D.C. HQ just made the decision to rectify it because like it or not it was THEIR logo on the shirts, and that will threaten business. That's how all the crap started.

The ironic part is, Papa Johns probably only converted a small number of new customers, and the business for the other pizza joints actually went up.

There's a follow up in the paper today. One company was actually using the Papa Johns thing for advertising. "Come here and you won't have to wait 3 hours for a pizza."

Romeos pizza used a slogan something like, "An apology isn't good enough." and when interviewed, they basically said they were a Cleveland based company and they took pride in that.

Myself, I actually went to Georgio's, because I went to check out the Papa Johns thing and saw the line, and said screw it. 23 cent pizza isn't worth 2.5 hours of standing in line after a 10.5 hour work day.

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