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Default Re: why the nugs CAN'T trade nene

Originally Posted by patigree
I was thinking maybe you guys can trade Martin, Camby and Iverson for some young pieces and draft picks
Your future line-up would be:
and a good young pg you guys could trade for
What do you think?

i think that you just expained my dream sitution- and what seems like a nobrainer thing to try for once

one of the things that has frustrated me so bad is that the nugs have never made a move to even try to add youth to that group- i would be thrilled to see the nugs use this draft to add the perfect peice to this core (russel westbrook) or i really believe this is the year to do anything possible to bring in 2,3, or even 4 rookies- truelly build around what we have and for the future

i really believe the ending years of the 3 veterens big contracts should be valuble to any of the teams believing they could be free agent players in the '10 summer of lebron/wade/paul/bosh's fa( we cannot wait for paul because the real chances to pull a star like that are tiny and more important the nugs will never be able to drop below the cap to sign someone with melo and nene and by that time jr and klieza's deals

i agree with an above statement that klieza could be the perfect 6th man for years to come, though he could play pf, i would love to see him used off the bench-when klieza comes in after teams are chasing melo and jr around, they will just not be able to come up with an answer to stay with or infront of klieza-

i personally want an outside shooter to be put in between nene and melo, i cant come up with a better realistic find than bostjan nachbar( i would love to see bargnani)- i really believe nachbar paired with najera while seeming like a huge downgrade and loss of something from kmart would be perfect and keep the floor spread for the 4 - but filling kmarts role and not taking a huge step down could imo be done with joey dorsey at pick #20 or maybe later

melo and nene have shown flashes of brilliance working together on pick and rolls and with some high low type passes, and i believe that both jr and melo really want to see each other fit the role that they see themselves, and i also see klieza tied in with those other 3 in believing in each other and being ok with their own and the others roles- nugs have to move foreward for the first time in years and it really really should start now
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