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Default Re: What Team Should I Use?

Originally Posted by Maniak
i tried rebuilding the far my lineup is...

C-Pau Gasol
PF-E. Griffin
SF-Mike Miller
SG-R Gay
PG-M. Conley

D Stoudamaire
H Turkeyglue
L Head
Z Pachulia
S Ball
G Giricheck
S Swift

It's been OK, im kinda peeded, i coulda grabbed bosh, but didnt have enough money

What can i do to help the team?

Oh and when i do the workout practicey stuff, my overall stats will go like from 96 on gasol-89.....why is it doing this? and how do i boost chemistry?

Yeah Grizzlies are a good team cause u can build around gasol....I was gonna do 'Cats, but w/e....
Alright this is what you do trade pau for kwame, J-Critt, Aaron Mickie, just a thought...
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