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Originally Posted by WilliamPhiladelphiaSmith
3. UNC - This is a well known favorite, but IMO I highly doubt them. It mostly has to due with a competitive ACC/doubt/highexpectations/inexperience etc. but Tywon Lawson may probably ruin their chemistry. Him and whether or not Hansbrough improves sufficiently are my key insecurities when recognizing them as true title contendors. Terry, too. I have faith in roy but North Carolina winning 2 titles in 3 years will NOT happen.

Well, you make some good points but...The ACC will be competitive just not on as high of a talent level as it has been, the ACC is up for grabs by just about each team in the conference this year...Miami, Florida State, and Maryland could be some pleasant surprises...Duke and UNC will be up near the top, can't say whether or not I see them winning the ACC championship or not.......Hansbrough is the reason UNC got as far as they did last year, cause there was no way in hell that Terry was going to carry that entire team, Hansbrough will be an even bigger star this year. You're probably right, UNC won't win it all this year, but they have a good chance and going to the Sweet 16 or the Elite 8
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