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Originally Posted by doinitbig06
the f*ck are u talkin about, r u f*cking stupid or sumthin? u dnt even kno what the f*ck ur talkin about, play some nba live, do some research, pay attention to what the f*ck is going on, u incompetent fool. lemme let u feel stupid real quick, u already should. Lorenzen Wright is a 7" CENTER who will probably start this season, Josh Childress is a weird, but pure SG who plays behind Joe Johnson, u f*cking fool. Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, and Sheldon Williams are all more than capable SF's who might get some PF time too. naw for real im excited about next season tho, here's what we'll have:

PG Claxton/Lue/Stoudemire
SG Johnson/Childress/Ivey
SF Smith/Williams/Williams
PF Pachulia/Batistia
C Wright/ Edwards

if our coach is any decent, he'll have the sense to let us get about 40 wins

Bulls fan here...Can you justify starting ZaZa Pachulia, I like his playing though, at power forward and not "The Landlord" (ie: Shelden Williams)?

If the Hawks do trade Childress, I can see him going to Charlotte to be a starter with Gerald Wallace. Or to a team that needs a small forward or a big shooting guard. Orlando would take him because well, will Grant Hill ever play again?

Other than that to the Hawks and all fans good luck this season. Question, weren't you guys supposed to have a big man dance team?
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