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Sixers should try to improve the team, there's no point in rebuilding and trading AI if Philly still has Webber's contract on its payroll. Let's just hope that King doesnt give big contracts to John Salmons and Willie Green since both arent worth $4-5mil. Larry Brown and King really screwed us up trading away draft picks for basically nothing. With limited trade assets Billy King has his hands full but here's my plan:
1. Sixers need ball movement on their offense. AI needs slide back to SG and let the offense run through Webber. With that said, Sixers can get their PG from the draft or Free Agency. I see them taking local product, Mardy Collins with the 13th pick in the draft.

2. Depth and Defense. This was a big problem for the Sixers last season, they had Bradley,Barnes,Ollie,Salmons and Hunter off the bench and that's not going to cut it. Billy King can do two things, trade or free agency. The only trade bait that Philly has is Samuel Dalembert and although he is overpaid, theyre pretty lucky to find a teams still interested in him. Hawks and Raptors are two possibilities. Say maybe a sign and trade for Al Harrington,Zaza Pachulia for Dalembert, still that's just wishful thinking. So, the 76ers look to add defensive minded vets through free agency. Id like to see them make a push for Jumaine Jones and Melvin Ely, both solid defenders and capable of contributing on the offensive end when needed.

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