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Default The whole city behind me.....

.....For you that continuously say my sh*t whack,
Payback comes when I'm bumping my hits in an 06 Mayback,
Oh sh*t...did I just say that?,
I give in surplus what you n*gga's lack,
And that's developing pictures with my lyrics better than Kodak,
Only when this cat hang'em up will this stop being my calling,
BrooklynBalla, yo sh*t is trash...ranging from awful to appalling,
I'm the me king,
I mean,
You know ya a busta when Stevie Wonder deem you the best he's ever seen,
Now are you in this for the cash and the cream...or to get blasted with the rhymes I bring,
Cause by my memory, yo...I'm serial with this material,
"Kill at will"...that's how my theory go,
Leave ya in critical like a vegetable...and I ain't lying, hoe,
When the .40 cals blow to make me make you "Say Ughhhhh" like Master P,
So, if you want to see the difference between him and me...once I bring out the "B" in he then you'll know the "G's" in thee,
I'm laughing at this n*gga thinking he was different from most,
Homie, this is my forum...and that's not even a boast,
And what's a good host without offering his guest to a toast,
So with that,
I'm out after roasting that ass with my 45th post.......
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