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Reggie Brown is the Eagles #1 WR, not Stallworth! And Stallworth has talent and can do what Todd Stinkston FAILED to do. Stallworth role as an Eagle will be exactly what Todd did as an Eagle. He's definately gonna take it deep, post routes. Its a great pickup considering what they would have been left with had they NOT gone after a WR.

I hear NE is asking for 2 first round picks for Deion. Truth?

Todd Pinkston hasnt recovered from his injury. Undrafted rookie free agent has been a plesant surprise among the Eagles brass, staff but he is unproven and going into a season with Baskett as your #2 is scary. Stallworth gives the Eagles stability. I love the deal, didnt give up much for him. He's better then Lelie and under Javon Walker (whom I wanted).

Problems with Stallworth? Guys drops alot of passes, inconsistent and just needs to MATURE as a WR. Comig off his best season I think he could find himself in a great situation. And being in a contract year may give him even more inscentive to produce. Anyone saying Pinkston is BETTER then Stallworth isnt very bright.

Eagles are good to go.
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