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Originally Posted by raiderfan19
theres an argument for him being the best receiver in the country? hahahahahahahahaha. GOBB meet Dwayne Jarret. Dwayne Jarret meet gobb. Simeon rice is also better. as is steve smith. As is smarzdjia(sp?) as is johnson. You want me to keep going? Ginn is overrated as hell.

Who said reciever?????

KR = kick returner
PR = punt returner
WR = wide reciever

Ginn does KR + PR + WR = Heisman canidate

Ginn does what made Desmond Howard famous, having the ball in his hands ALOT and making plays. But keep going.

And no he wont win it because he plays on a team with another Heisman canidate who WILL have the ball in his hands alot whereas Ginn? Has the potential to get alot of touches but you just dont know. Sharing the ball is gonna lessen his chances. His chances arent great but he is a Heisman canidate whether you BELIEVE it or not...hater!

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