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Default Does someone have a good workout rutine?

I'm pretty damn weak. I haven't worked out all summer. My bench max was at 165 at the end of School. Now at the end of Summer, of not working out at all, my max is now at 140. I set a goal to bench atleast 200 in a year from now. I pretty much want to improve my overall strength. I'm tired of being the tall skinny guy. I want to be ripped. I don't have any weights, nor I can afford a weight set. I will get a membership to a gym by my house.

Position-Current weight-goal for next year

Bench - 140-200+
Incline - 125-200
Military - 100-180
Squat - 225-300
Power Cleans - 150-200+

I'm sure withen a year, those goals are possible. One of my best friends was my size and then turned into the hulk withen a year... No roids. All hard work(my friend is dedicated to weights), and a lot of protein shakes(they are expensive though). Working at sonic burger doesn't help because i get 50% off while on my shift. I've had a lot of Coneys, Sonic Burgers, and Frito Wraps withen the past 3 or 4 weeks. But I'm young (18) and I'm still only 150 lbs with a fast matablism so all that fast food won't harm me. Atleast for now.

I signed up for 10 sessions of kickboxing and street fighting training on mondays and wednesdays, so my cardiovascular excercise will be taken care of. I just need a good weight lifting workout. Does anyone have a very good free weight workout that will show results fast?
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