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Default Bulls Summer Ideas

I'll make this short and sweet, no real explanations:

Let's get Avery Johnson. His micro-managing didn't work on an uber-talented Mavs roster, but it's just what a young, relatively undisciplined and leaderless Bulls team needs. Get him for 4-5 mil a year.

Get a starting 2guard:
The Nets are rebuilding, so help them out: Hughes, TT, 2nd round pick for VC

Why get VC if we don't want to win now? Improve front court:
Noc, Noah, 1st round pick, filler salaries for Jermaine Oneal

Roll out:
Hinrich - Duhon
VC - Thabo
Deng - Kryahpa
Gooden - FA
Jermaine - Gray

I think that team can compete... good shot at ECF, and a possible finals appearance. Then it's anyone's game.

What are your thoughts on my ideas? What are your ideas?
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