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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

Originally Posted by kshutts1
I'll make this short and sweet, no real explanations:

Let's get Avery Johnson. His micro-managing didn't work on an uber-talented Mavs roster, but it's just what a young, relatively undisciplined and leaderless Bulls team needs. Get him for 4-5 mil a year.

Get a starting 2guard:
The Nets are rebuilding, so help them out: Hughes, TT, 2nd round pick for VC

Why get VC if we don't want to win now? Improve front court:
Noc, Noah, 1st round pick, filler salaries for Jermaine Oneal

Roll out:
Hinrich - Duhon
VC - Thabo
Deng - Kryahpa
Gooden - FA
Jermaine - Gray

I think that team can compete... good shot at ECF, and a possible finals appearance. Then it's anyone's game.

What are your thoughts on my ideas? What are your ideas?

dude your nuts if you want to get rid of Sefolosha......I was hard on him in the past but he can play....he just needed the playing time.....I see him as one of our key bench players along with Noch....

I dont want O'Neal or Vince Carter.......O'neal is injury prone and Vince Carter has the same basketball smarts as a 4 year old......

and I think gooden has some more years on his contract....I dont think hes a FA........

and Kryahpra was cut like 4 months ago....

also....Grey you want to keep as a back up the minutes he got....he produced for us.....hes got good footwork inside.....not very quick but can get the job done...
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