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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

Originally Posted by kshutts1
No offense, but you're not smart... I don't want to get rid of Thabo, I never said that. Also, Gooden - FA doesn't mean "Gooden is a FA" It means Gooden's back up will be a (F)ree (A)gent that we sign.. get it? As for Oneal, yes he's injury prone, but for that same reason, an all-star caliber big can be had on the cheap. As for VC, his smarts may not be high, but if he isn't "The Man" I think he will do very well

Im not smart......make a chart that someone understands....second.....O'Neal is a max player so he wont be want a guy in Vince Carter...who quit on his team?....a player who couldnt guard you I rather have Deng than him and oh yeah...may I add that hes in his early 30's and is slowly declining......

so with those points that you have....your not very smart
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