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Originally Posted by Rasheed1
I like the move

low risk/high reward type move... I would have rather snatched up Deion Branch, or Javon Walker.... but I hear the Pats are asking too much & this kid is a real good pick up for what we gave up....Siminoeu was OK but he was too small and couldnt consistantly do the things we needed of him..He just had a lot of speed...

I think we still need a Rb.... and a quality Lb.... get those, and we'll roll

Yeah NE wants a first round pick. GB wanted a 2nd round pick. But the catch was both WR's wanted new deals ontop of it all. Eagles thought a high pick plus giving them a deal was too much.

I'm not mad at this move at all. Like you said low risk/high reward.

Going to any games this season Rasheed?
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