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Originally Posted by Wadeisabeast
I think ginn is a great player, and just as much as a threat as Bush. According to ESPN, he is the NUMBER #1 GAMEBREAKER.

"1. Ted Ginn Jr., WR/RS, Ohio State
Despite Ginn's notching 51 catches on offense and returning two kicks for scores, it's safe to say his sophomore campaign was a disappointment. Word out of Columbus, though, is that Ginn is a changed man."

If he plays better than last year, he will be a heisman candidate.

You know (not being a smartass to you) you could browse alot of sports sites and find that Ginn is a Heisman canidate and everywhere you look? He's in the top 10. Check philly papers? Top 10. You can find more sports related sites (especially one focusing on college football) and see the same things said about Ginn. That last season was a dissapointment but this season he is a canidate for the Heisman and it depends on how many touches he gets and that rest solely on his teammate who is a Heisman canidate Troy Smith.

But leave it up to someone to pos 25 names and claim they aree clearly better. Thats what haters do. Lose focus of the real and ignore the REAL.

Ginn is a Heisman canidate. Top 10. This isnt will he win it. Want odds? They are lesser than that of Troy and Quinn. Happy? But to deny that he is a legit canidate is silly. Get over it.
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