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Default Re: Pacers fan with a modest proposal

Originally Posted by catzhernandez

Get the f*ck out of town with that crap.

I know the draft is deep, but not THAT deep. Griffin is cut, so that doesn't even matter. We cut a little bit of salary for a rookie, who isn't even gonna be as good as Diogu. Ike is still going to be a good player, why give up on him already? He's produced in minutes.

As far as Griffin, any rookie-esque contract can be used, insert the player. And because I don't like Ike lol. He's solid, but he isn't what we need, he doesn't provide any defense. This Jim O'Brien offense is centered on the perimeter and while Ike has a fairly solid post-game, this offense doesn't put but 1 player on the block. This provides a good kick out shot, except Ike looks like a deer in headlights when he gets double-teamed and does NOT pass out of the post, nullifying the open jumpshot. I'd like to try and get a late 1st to try and get a guy like DJ White, Jason Thompson, Richard Hendrix. Or if we go big with our first pick (Kevin Love, which I'd really like), target a guy like Mario Chalmers, Ty Lawson, or maybe a Brandon Rush or Courtney Lee.

PS: Where the hell are the Sonics fans!?
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