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Default Re: Greatest console of all time?

Originally Posted by Mathius
Probably PS2. Super Nintendo could give it a run for its money in terms of the number of great games, but the PS2's graphics totally make it a non issue. The PS2 has probably as many great games as SNES and it's a way more updated system.

Personally I think PS2 still has a lot of life in it. It can't compete graphics wise with 360 or PS3, but the library is so huge and there are such great games, that there are bound to be games out there you haven't played yet that are fantastic.

I have a strong list of games I haven't played yet that I intend to get or already have for my PS2 and have yet to play, including:

The entire Prince of Persia series (I'm at the end of Two Thrones)
God of War 2 (have it, just haven't started it)
Resident Evil 4 (same, have it, haven't played it)
Tomb Raider Anniversary (rented it. Have it for gamecube, not ps2)
Okami (rented it, interesting RPG style game)
Tenchu: Wrath of Shadows (not for everyone)

I would also like to try one of the RPG makers, and possibly check out the GTA "stories" line. Shadow of Colossus is supposed to be good, and its at $20.

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.


Awesome game, I loved it. It's a big naive and all, but very fun and entertaining to play.
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