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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

Originally Posted by DieHardBullsFan
Im not smart......make a chart that someone understands....second.....O'Neal is a max player so he wont be want a guy in Vince Carter...who quit on his team?....a player who couldnt guard you I rather have Deng than him and oh yeah...may I add that hes in his early 30's and is slowly declining......

so with those points that you have....your not very smart

Don't try to cover it up. Everyone understood what he was saying - except for you. He did it just like everyone else here does it.

O'Neal who is an All-Star, would be easier to get than almost any other All-Star because he is injury prone. And if the Pacers want to move him and are open about it, that makes his stock drop even lower.

As for Vince Carter. He'd be a big name than this team needs. While he is no Kobe Bryant, he can still play. And Chicago gave Ben Wallace a fat ass contract when he was on the decline - going after him wouldn't surprise anyone. Early 30's haha, that sounds so retarded .
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