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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
If Carmelo becomes available Paxson better not screw that one up. He'd be the biggest name the Bulls have had since Elton Brand. Paxson better offer almost anything they'd want. First round draft pick, Tyrus Thomas, sign and trade Luol Deng. Hinrich, Carmelo, Drew Gooden, re-sign Ben Gordon, Nocioni, Noah, Gray and Larry Hughes would be a 40+ win team easily in the east. Plus, Carmelo and the NBA would have to love it. Carmelo would be the star player in a major city and think about him and LeBron on the same conference. There would be many Bulls/Cavs on prime time next season if that happened.

Just think if they got to keep Thomas too and just sign and traded Luol Deng, draft pick and maybe Larry Hughes.

PG: Kirk Hinrich/?
SG: Sefolosha/Ben Gordon
SF: Carmelo Anthony/Andres Nocioni
PF: Drew Gooden/Tyrus Thomas
C: Noah/Gray

Head coach: Avery Johnson

That has the potential to be a 40-50 win team.

Love it.

Getting Melo would be insane - the city would explode.

Giving them a young big man, who would be great next to Camby - and would help their defense a little.
Luol would also help a rebuilding period if the deal went through. And finally getting a top 10 pick in a deep draft.


That team would be solid - Iverson and Deng would probably be just as effective as Iverson and Melo - and then it gives them a deeper bench.

As for that Hughes deal, I couldn't see them taking that - but I'd probably be more for that because it would free cap space up.
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