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Originally Posted by GOBB
Accurate? Mcnabb throws the most ankle balls among QB's. And you're saying he has great accuracy? Guy has 1yr where he completed over 60% of his passes. Why is that since he is such a great pocket passer? Tom Brady has great accuracy not Mcnabb. Mcnabb has improved his accuracy and is much better now than he was 4yrs ago. But great acurracy? Get real.

Tom Brady, Manning and Carson Palmer are the top 3 QB's.

If he throws the most ankle balls its because he was doing it on the run the most. Until TO got there he had no real WR options, pretty much had a bunch of 3rd options and not even a star tight end. He got one, and he did things no other has done before (30tds, less than 10 int). And it was more than just T.O. as he was very accurate in the playoffs too.

And there's no way Palmer is better than McNabb right now.
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