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Brady didnt have a bunch of 3rd options neither. Branch is a upper tier receiver, not a elite one, but very very good. Had 800 yards his second season. Superbowl MVP. Add him their other good receivers and that's a very very good receiving corp.

Prior to T.O. what did Donovan have? Thrash and Pinkston and the People's champ. Come on. But that year with T.O. Terrell was the only option as compared to Palmer's Chad Johnson, and T.J., well he still had a better passer rating.

And I think this year when healthy, he'll be over 60% again as even though he doesn't have as good a receiving corp as those other guys.

And as a whole has never ever ever had as good a total receiving corp, including with T.O. as any of those other guys you rank ahead of him. And if Payton didn't have a great rating, he should be shot with the offense he has.

And I don't see him throwing any ankle balls unless he's running forward.
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