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Default Re: Which system should I buy based on...

Originally Posted by ForceOfNature
Guys, I'm leaning toward the PS3 pretty strongly. The red ring problem would just bug the hell out of me (not having the system for that long), I just wish the $400 version of the PS3 would be compatible with PS2 games, I have to pay $100 just for compatibility. How about the $380 PS3 with the 20GB harddrive? Is that alright?

The most "desirable" model of the PS3 would be the 60GB. It has full backwards compatibility, wi-fi, and the card slots. The 20GB also has full backwards compatibility, BUT NO wi-fi (hard wire ethernet only), and no card slots. OF NOTE: the hard drives can be swapped out with certain model laptop HDDs up to sizes of 250GB. (Google can provide the procedure)

The thing is that the 20GB were only available at launch and actually hold their value. Oh the 20GB also has an all black finish. The 60GB has the chrome trim and I think the current 40GB models have an aluminium trim.
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