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Default The Greg Oden Argument

When I'm with friends, we usually debate on various sports topics. A few nights ago, Greg Oden and the Blazers came up in our conversation and it was interesting. Here is a guy that has intriguing size to go with mobility and athleticism. He doesn't have a lot of offensive skill which worries me. Offensively, he's a young Shaq. The only problem is that Oden isn't 7'1 and 300lbs like Shaq which means he won't overpower NBA centers that easy. Even with that said, Oden will be a great NBA player when its all said and done. The two positions that are the hardest to fill and the point guard and center position and thats where the argument begins. Would you trade Oden for the #1 pick in the draft and take Derrick Rose? Riley and the Heat would do this in a heartbeat as Riley loves having a dominant big man in the middle. In my opinion, Rose was the best player in the college country and its very, very seldom that a point guard is. Some may argue Beasley was, but thats whole different debate. You would have to go back to 1996 when Iverson was the point guard at Georgetown.Talent like Rose and Oden only come ever so often but the question is, who would make this team head and shoulders better? The Blazers were on a roll until BRoy went out with an injury and they struggled to get consistent offensive contributions and Oden isn't going to help in that regard since he's no offensive juggernaut. Rose on the other hand gives them a viable scoring option that can maintain a pass-first mentality. He has the vision and passing abilities of a Jason Kidd and the strength, athleticism and scoring savvy of a Baron Davis. Thats an extremely rare combination. If they're able to keep their 13th pick of the draft to select someone like JaVale McGee or DeAndre Jordan, then they could be in business. They can move Jack to try and land a nice SF in the league. They also have Lafrentz big expiring contract that will be attractive to a lot of teams. Something in the lines of Jarret Jack and Lafrentz to the Clippers for Maggette and a Tim Thomas. Sterling is a cheap SOB and will look to avoid to avoid the luxury tax and with the expiring contracts of Brand and Lafrentz, they could have that along with some good money to throw around for free agents. Pryzbilla hasn't exactly been a dominant center, but I think he has done a decent enough job where he isn't a liability and will give them positive contributions.

Line up:

PG Rose - Blake - Rodriguez
SG Roy - Webster
SF Maggette - Thomas - Jones
PF Aldridge - Frye
C Pryzbilla - McGee or Jordan
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