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Default Re: Greatest console of all time?

For me it is pretty easy.

Nes is clearly #1. It isn't even close. Best games, period.

Snes is clearly #2. Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, Mario Kart amongst others, games are just better than anything today, even if you include superior graphics of other games. Still haven't played a better racing game than Unirally or Mario Kart.

It is a crapshoot after that. N64 has Mario Kart and Goldeneye. PS2 has a great library. PS has a great library. Xbox is the best media center yet and has a pretty decent library. So far it sure isnt the 360 or PS3. Wi is ahead of both of those and still not in contention either. Probably is the PS2 next if for no other reason than that it can play most good PS games anyway.
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