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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
Do you have no sense in the business aspect of the NBA? They have contracts, you have to match those in order to do a trade.

Hinrich and Deng together after a sign and trade with Deng would be over 20 million. Melo makes like 13.5 million. Wouldn't even be close to working.

First of all dude you need to relax. Second, I know all about the business aspects of the NBA. I was just jotting down a few ideas to make the deal work. Obviously Denver would have to give up another player to make the contracts match. (most likely trash) But we have to give up alot to get anything good in return cause we dont have a star caliber player to offer. Theres a ton of teams putting together packages this offseason, so you have to consider the competition. I would've typed those ideas more clearly the 1st time had I known you were such a jack a$$!

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