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Default Re: The Greg Oden Argument

I would keep Oden. Really there point guard situation isn't that bad. I still like the idea of bringing in Calderon to pair with Fernandez.

Trade their pick #13 and Jack, rodrigues and for Calderon and humphries.

1Calderon, blake
2roy Fernandez
3Webster Outlaw jones
4Aldridge Frye humphries
5 Oden Pryzbilla
Then you Rid you yourself of Raef's contract for some draft picks and prospects
roy can swing to the point late in games to guard a big 1.
they have tons of flexibility in their line-up.

i just think of that final game between Florida and Oden. Oden man-handled Horford inside, which shows how good he could be. not totally developed, but should be a great center for years to come. Do NOT trade him for the rights to draft Rose.

That team just needs 2 years to develop and they are an elite team in the league for many years to come.

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