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Nellie was usually his own GM, so if his players were bad, its really his fault.

I didn't say they were bad.. I said they weren't great. If you haevn't noticed.. most of the championships are won by truly great players. Nellie neve rhad one until Dirk.. and Dirk can't even get any respect anyway. Neither could Nellie.. for the same kind of politics that dogs Dirk. The NBA id a popularity contest.. and if you get out you can't get in. Dirk and Nellie haven't ever been able to get in, because they aren't what the league pushes.

I don't think he gets the "I have no players" excuse.

It's the "I have no turly great players atr their peak"

The Knick team he took over had just been to its second consecutive conference finals.

Ewing was old and a choker..

They were good. His GS team was quite good, then became quite bad.

Never had a truly great player and Webber blew it up. Nellie wanted to use Webber like they did in Sac. But Webber wouldn't have it.

His Dallas team was terriffic.

Dallas was good but wasn't built properly. Cuban's priority was winning now. rather than building the team correctly. And because of that Dirk can't get a quality bigman to play with. The only way you can usually do that is through the draft.

If you want to knock Nellie as a Gm I don't have a problem with that. He was never able to get good enough bigmen or enough good bigmen.. You can't knock him for his coaching though.. he is a truly great coach.
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