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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

I like the Melo idea well enough. With Melo we are still young and able to grow, but would Deng and Hinrich fetch him? Then we could draft Augustin or something with the 9th pick, that would be a solid team. Also go out and try to sign a Brevin Knight or something.. some veteran PG presence to teach DJ the ropes, and obviously as insurance, since I don't like Hughes or Gordon or Thabo running the point.

As for my Oneal/VC idea, I was thinking that our role players are good enough to do their thing and win now.. so let's get stars that are able to win now. I don't think we're in a rebuilding mode.. I think we're in a "add one more star and we're just about there" mode. Well, not one MORE because we don't even have one yet.. but I think that we have solid enough pieces that if we theoretically did a Hughes for Kobe, Wade, Lebron swap that we'd be in the ECF. That reason alone is why I was going after two older stars... because I truly believe that our team is ready to win now, we just currently have no one to take the lead and be that all-star player that every good to great team needs.
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