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Default Re: would you trade Iverson, and for who?

I don't know if Stan Kroenke is willing to keep both A.I. and Melo because he may be one of the richest guys out there, but we need to remember about the Avs, Crush, Mammoth, Rapids, and even the St. Louis Rams that he has to deal with and those two guy take a lot of his money.

Back to the topic of trading Iverson, I just don't see that happening because A.I. made it clear that he wants to be in Denver or make his own choice of where he wants to go, not being told where he should go. If he hears his name being put into a trading conversation he will probably opt of his contract. Even if we do trade him it probably won't be much because he is aging, but we would probably have to add in Camby to the mix and get a pretty good draft pick, a decent NBA player, and probably a role player. I don't know who we would trade with, but this trade is possible with a team that really need some help.

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