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1. Love
2. Jordan
3. Arthur
4. Koufus
5. McGee
6. Hibbert
7. Lopez
8. Ajinca
9. Dorsey

The top 3 there is really hard to pick. I think Koufus and McGee, and possible Hibbert could swap around a bit, and I think the last 3 could move around too, but I expect Lopez to go a bit higher than the other 2.

1. Gordon
2. Randolph
3. Gallinari
4. Batum

That is a really tough list to make. I think right now it is clear Batum is #4, but the other 3 are basically even. And I do think Batum will move back up, which will complicate things further.

1. Budinger
2. Rush
3. CDR
4. Walker
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